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She was like, “What kind of person would make a game like this? And Kris saw this when she was searching, and she noticed like this art, like the cute little characters, the little animals, look so much like the animals in Bunni. I wrote the company and, for some reason, I get an email back that says “Hey! He was trying to express an idea that he’d been thinking a lot about, which was that our culture is so obsessed with money that it poisons our ability to find love.

But talking to Dan, what really surprised me actually was what the game meant to him.

And it must be good enough every week to keep viewer ratings very high or risk cancellation.

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And eventually they get to the main characters of the game. PJ: And Flash was the language that made all this possible.

This is where Dan is like mapping out his whole grand vision— and they create two characters. (reading) “I’m Susanna the ghost, have you been to Bunni Island before? Because Flash was simple, it was cheap, and it let you start from a picture.

And uh, he says, “I’m in Australia and I’ve been drinking and I would love to make a game with you.” And um, and I’m like… I have nothing to lose by saying yes to pretty much anyone. he wasn’t on board because of any big ideas about materialism and love. so like my memory of Flash games is not that they were, like my memory of flash games is that they were all really messed up.

DAN: And um, sometimes we would not talk for a long time. He just thought it’d be fun to make a little game about bunnies. PHIA: Kris was actually screensharing with me as she was playing the game. Like they were like violent, and weird, and kinda bad. Basically in the year like 1999, if you went into any junior high computer lab, some kid would be playing a pop up Flash game that they should not have been playing at school, which they would quickly tab away from.

So the thing was that Dan didn’t know how to make video games.

PHIA: But then, in the middle of the game, this very grown-up, complicated drama starts to unfold, where you meet this other female bunny who you really like. And for some reason, you know you’re supposed to end up with the gold digger, but you really want to be with the stripper. Dan was like, “I have a message I have to tell the world, and it’s that that stuff is bullshit.” PHIA: No.One is this like gold digger who represents all things materialism, and then he makes the other love interest, she’s the soul mate. PHIA: So, this like unholy marriage between these two guys managed to produce this incredibly bizarre game that just like perfectly captivated Kris’s 12-year-old mind. Like if you knew how to draw, you could make an animation, and then with Flash you could take that animation and turn it into a game.When they released the game, it was actually an incredible hit. And so and so, Tom got excited about a world where it was almost like the dumb cartoons he would’ve drawn in the back of the classroom to crack his friends up, he could put those online and let people play them.I have shared my Telugu Girls Mobile Number for marriage and friendship.I know its not easy find life partner online, but I think its the best website to find a desired soulmate. But I am trying my best to find my desired life ...

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