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“I would have bet you everything I owned that no one could ever tell (Jamie) what to do.

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He continues, “I used to wonder how in the world people would do some of the things cult leaders could get them to do. She was surrounded by supportive family members and friends desperate to get her out of her troubling situation.

However, the decision to stay or leave David was Jamie’s to make, and his control over her was great.

The Avon Foundation for Women encourages parents to pay close attention to their teens’ relationships.

Specifically, caregivers are urged to be on the lookout for the following behaviors in their teens’ significant others: Constant communication The crisis council also encourages parents to look for signs of abuse within their children themselves.

To others who may be experiencing similar things, Jamie’s advice is simple.

“Please listen to the people that care about you and have loved you your whole life.

The CDC defines teen dating violence as physical, sexual, psychological or emotional violence that occurs within a dating relationship.

Perpetrators use this behavior to gain power and control over their victims.

This same poll revealed that college students feel ill-equipped to handle this pervasive problem – 57 percent said dating violence was difficult to identify and 58 percent said they didn’t know how to help someone who was experiencing it.

Through its monthlong effort to increase community awareness and prevention efforts around teen dating violence, the Family Crisis Council of Salisbury-Rowan hopes to provide Rowan County citizens with the tools necessary to spot the signs of danger and act before it’s too late.

In some cases, teens may report feeling unsafe or afraid around their partners, and they may have bruises, scratches or other injuries that they cannot explain.

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