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Perhaps you were able to spot trouble early in the situation, maybe finding a hurtful online chat from your teen’s boyfriend or girlfriend.In these instances, the best approach might be to encourage non-judgmental discussion about what is happening in the relationship and the feelings your teen is having in the situation.

Adolescents may not have the perspective or the right words to change directions in a problematic relationship, or to counter accusations from their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Should parents disallow relationships altogether until their children are older?

In these types of relationships, risk-taking behaviors are often solicited by a boyfriend or girlfriend as evidence of caring.

Emotions become currency, or bargaining points, and distort normal feelings of caring and affection that we would want our adolescents to carry into their adult relationships.

Even single incidents, being pressured to send an inappropriate cell phone picture that is later forwarded to other teens, for example, leads to immediate feelings of guilt, anxiety, and shame.

In some very unfortunate cases, teens may have thoughts or fantasies of suicide as a way of ending their situation.

In some cases, this might involve contacting the parents of the other teen and discussing concerns about the kind of communication and behavior occurring in the relationship.

Parents should to set limits on the type of communication that is acceptable, for example, requiring teens to end phone calls that involve accusatory name-calling or manipulative threats.

Often, parents are surprised to find that their teens’ boyfriend and girlfriend relationships can become frightening mine-fields in a short period of time.

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