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He had a career in Chicago and lived with his four sons; I had a career in Los Angeles and family roots there. But we began to make room for each other in our lives and created what felt like … Along the way, we learned something fundamental: that sometimes we all must rethink our lives, focusing not on what we thought they would be but, rather, on what they could be.

“I want to have funerals worth Over at Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s expansive new digs, Kim’s 14-year-old Brielle is texting friends and refusing to help with the unpacking. Considering that the $500 Versace place settings being unpacking look like someone regurgitated a 99-cent Quik Trip bean burrito and glazed it onto a dinner plate, perhaps Kim’s kid has something else. Over in Nashville, Kandi Burruss and producer Lil Ronnie have arrived at country singer Jo Dee Messina’s house to unveil Kandi’s latest country composition for her. “I Won’t Give Up On You.” We know this because the song’s title is referenced 47 times in the ditty’s chorus.

Ne Ne Leakes, meanwhile, has agreed to meet wannabe/ex-con Marlo Hampton at Goldfish for a glass of moscato.

"You stick it to your ear and it sucks out all your energy and ambition." Then, as you may know, I went on this talk show and met the host: a handsome, charming Irishman named Phil Donahue. Looking back, I think one of the reasons our relationship blossomed into more than either of us had thought it would — including marriage, three years later — is that we weren't burdened by the pressure felt by younger people looking for mates.

We had dinner shortly afterward, and he revealed that he'd recently gone through a divorce and doubted he'd ever marry again. Of course, being older, we also had challenges that younger people don't face — primarily, reconciling two lives that had been lived for a while.

The two ladies have hooked up to discuss Marlo’s current beau and Ne Ne’s former beau, ex-NFL/alleged fraudulent check distributor Charles Grant.

Ne Ne quickly clears the air about the extent of her brief dating history with Grant: “Charles has seen my Hello Kitty.” The only thing sweeter than the wine is Ne Ne’s double-take when Marlo finally informs her of her seven arrests, “five of which were for parole violations.” In voiceover, Ne Ne asks: “Now say now?!But being older — me in my late 30s, Phil in his early 40s — we trusted our hearts and made the effort.For many, love really is better the second time around, but for me, the first time has been just fine.“We’re looking at banning plastic in Georgia,” she informs Ne Ne.“They’ve done it in China and they’ve done it in Canada.” Replies Ne Ne: “Going green?” After being given an exclusive tour of the embalming room of Willie Watkin’s Funeral House, Phaedra’s hubby Apollo turns up at her law office with a vase of flowers and some misgivings about becoming an undertaker. “We’re gonna put the Finally, Apollo tentatively agrees to Phaedra’s brainstorm to console grieving little old ladies via his pronounced biceps.

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