Tall dark and handsome dating

On the flipside, some people need to overcome the obstacle of judging the abilities of short men based on their height when it's completely unrelated. The shopping experience isn't condescending but with dignity and enthusiasm.

Some employers need to overcome the obstacle of paying a shorter man less for the same work.

He was my first love and suddenly, it didn't matter that my inseam was longer than his.

My next serious boyfriend was the same height as the first.

Both were phenomenal boyfriends and treated me like queens.

I never felt like a circus freak and instead chose to identify with a pre-divorce Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke.

Whether we admit it or not, all of these stigmas collect in the minds of the shorter man and can have a profound affect on a shorter man's mindset and psychological state.

How do shorter men overcome and persevere socially in the dating world?

"Shorter men need to overcome those who judge them purely based on height.

They need to overcome the inequality that exists in pay just because one is shorter.

They need to overcome women who judge and won't give a chance to men based on height.

They need to overcome the image that assertiveness is somehow a complex developed because of their height.

In high school, I swore I would never, ever date someone who was shorter than me.

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