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It has an interesting premise (developing relationships in a warzone), romance, bromance, hijinks, natural disasters, strong female characters, slight changes in world history, silliness, cool fight scenes.

I love the main and second leads to bits, and the ongoing ‘car killer’ storyline is a great little nugget of continuity from the writers, and one of my favorite things about this drama right now is one of the side characters because he’s breaking my heart.” It has been confirmed that there will be no sequel. After the end of the three-part special series, fans are now enjoying the behind-the scene clips of Descendants of the Sun.

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Michelle and Wallace collaborated in 2005’s , Wallace had many questions for the more experienced Michelle.

Adding to complexity of the relationship, Wallace supposedly broke off with Ruby Lin (林心如) because of Ruby’s more successful career.

After both denied the news as being fabricated, Michelle was reported to be dating Wallace Huo (霍建华).

A photo of Michelle and Wallace in a tight embrace surfaced recently, and the pair allegedly have been dating secretly for one month.

Romantic Rumors Although she rarely speaks about her romantic life, gossip is never at a standstill.

With her new mainland drama, airing on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Michelle was rumored to be kissing and dating costar Li Dongxue (李東學) on the filming set.

Wallace’s representative brushed off Wallace’s rumors with Ruby, which circulated since last year.

Michelle Injured on Set With romantic rumors flying, Michelle’s work schedule is even busier.

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It is one of London’s most historic areas and can trace its history back many years.

When they did, they too were hooked on to Descendants of the Sun.

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