Stanley plane dating flowchart

I noticed Wood Craft has new Stanley-Bailey planes, No. I've been thinking about trying one but noticed they all have plastic handles. I have an older (antique) No.4 Bailey with rosewood handles and it works great once I learned how to use it. The blades aren't as good and the castings aren't even close.I guess I'm worried about those plastic handles, are the new planes the same quality as the old ones. If you don't mind the clean-up and fettling part of it, there are a lot of older planes to be had on E-Bay.Also note, a new Stanley must be thought of as a kit, similar to picking up an old one, that will need work to get it into "working" shape.

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Even a few pages on hinges and locks, how the company got started, who some of the player were etc.

The info is great for what it is, and its interesting.

Its full of information related to the company, how it grew, and what some of its contributions to the tool and steel industry were.

It has a really good chapter on William Hart, and how the Sweetheart logo came about.

You can buy all the 3, 4, 5's in the flea market or ebay world often under 20$ but for sure under 30$.

No reason to buy a new one since even the 50-60's planes are better.

Also, just because its listed, Its not a referral, some I’ve used, some I have not. General: The mother of all Stanley information BG/stan0 Tools FAQ (as of 11/97) Docs/Woodplane/ Learn to use the plane at his blog—- Hardware Companies Kollectors Klub – the plane manufacturer by lever adjustment ” the soles of planes C also has a set of really good reference sites. Victor Machinery Exchange 12-20 Tap Victor Machinery Exchange 12-20 Die NOTE: I edit this and add sites from time to time.

Other Reference Sites Docs/Woodrestor1WKFinetools Engraving References: Rexmills type Study frog comparison Plane dating flow chart Brass City quick plane ID Sharpening Rexmills sharpening Wayne C resources Scrub Plane Iron Cambering A Guide to sharpening Antiques tools for sale and Auctions Meeker’s Mechanical Nature Antiques Martin J. Also note I am not associated with any of these in any way.

Donnelly Antique Tools Supertools List and die and Die St. Also, just because its listed, Its not a referral, some I’ve used, some I have not. Books on Hand Saws lumberjocks blogs mochoa – New Handle for and Old Saw Mads has an excellent series.

Sharpening Beach/sawjig/ Restoring Straightening Bent Handsaw Blades at wkfinetools Buying and other info toolsforworkingwood Straightening a saw. A blog entry written by Stephen Shepherd in his Full Chisel blog.

My main users are Sweetheart era Stanleys or Keen Kutter K-series (Type 4 Bedrocks) and the vast majority were under .

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