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If, for any reason, you should pay upfront for services covered by your benefits, you can claim this payment back from Profmed.When making the payment to the provider, please remember to obtain a detailed account and receipt for your payment. Profmed Claims Department Private Bag X1031 Lyttelton 0140.In the interest of protecting the privacy of potential property owners and giving them an opportunity to claim their property from the holder, we will no longer disclose the specific amount reported by the holder until it is turned over to the state.

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Profmed cannot accept responsibility for non-receipt of posted claims.

Claims must be submitted within four months from the date of service.

A provision found in many (although not all) claims-made policies that eliminates coverage for claims produced by wrongful acts that took place prior to a specified date, even if the claim is first made during the policy period.

For example, a January 1, 2010, retroactive date in a policy written with a January 1, 2010-2011, term, would bar coverage for claims resulting from wrongful acts that took place prior to January 1, 2010, even if claims (resulting from such acts) are made against the insured during the January 1, 2010-2011, policy period.

For more information see About Electronic Claim Filing.

Mail Claim Form: If your claim is not eligible to be filed electronically, or you prefer to file a paper claim, you will be directed to print and mail in your claim form.

Before property is transferred to the State, the State Controller’s Office sends a notice to all property owners with property valued at or more informing them that they have property that will be transferred to the State unless they contact the business by a certain date.

The State Controller’s notice includes the name of the business, the contact information, the type of property and the amount.

To avoid delays in processing your claim, you MUST send us copies of the required documents as outlined in the filing instructions to determine rightful ownership. back to top If you have reason to believe that your property has been sent to the State Controller’s Office for safekeeping, but you did not find your property listed on our website, please contact the State Controller’s Office, Unclaimed Property Division at (800) 992-4647 for assistance. In order to process claims more efficiently and faster, each property is linked to a claim form coded with a unique claim number associated with that property.

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