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She has also collaborated with artists like Andrew Bird, Arcade Fire, and Kid Cudi.

her album Slant Magazine won the Grammy award for Best Alternative Album.

A curious, horn-driven affair, it works in remarkably unexpected ways, sounding like a true meeting of minds between the two icons.

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, the fabled collaborative album between indie ingénue/shredder Annie Clark and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, finally sees the light of day on September 11th.

What began as a one-off gig borne of mutual admiration of each other's work became a fabulously strange pop album comprised of tracks ping-ponged back and forth via email while the two were touring and working on other albums.

Last night’s show, which also featured Clark, a drummer, keyboardist and brass octet (including the ever-welcome sousaphone), owed a debt to Bruce Springsteen’s concerts with his Seeger Sessions Band, but two heady hours overflowed with all the magic that pop music can muster.

Playing most of Love This Giant and dipping into Byrne and Clark’s catalogues, the delight was in the detail.

Occasionally, he goes fully bombastic, as on "I Am an Ape", while the band skank-walk, recreating the evolution of man with added parp.

Towards the end of the set, Clark pays tribute to Byrne’s singular talents, describing how a childhood encounter with his work made her realise music can take you to an “awesome, stratospheric” alternate place.

was like dating, and fighting against ordinariness.

Byrne wore his headset mic the whole time, which was pretty funny.

Her stand-out track "Cruel" is buoyed by brass and, even alongside growling guitar, the effect is giddily upbeat, while a rendition of Talking Heads’ "Burning Down the House" is tight, bright and duly sets the crowd alight.

Even David Byrne's most devoted followers would struggle to suggest that he has eclipsed his work with Talking Heads in the 25 years since their final album.

She has been described as very private person by Village Voice profile in 2014 by which we can guess she is kind of person who likes to enjoy her privacy. Talking about her marital status she is not married and currently, she is in a relationship with a former supermodel of Victoria of Secrets.

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