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10am – Sunday, November 5 // We picked up 4 inches of new snowfall at the summit over the past 48 hours.The temperatures will continue to remain cold in the 20’s and 30’s this week with our next chance of snowfall later this week and through the month with forecast models trending toward a cold and stormy November.Since cascades of the C-word are common whenever a 2D version of me appears on TV, I can’t help but think moving to Mars might be a good precautionary measure should commentating (and trolling) become a staple of VR.

“We read fine things but never feel them to the full until we have gone the same steps as the author.” By virtually weathering some of the violence inflicted on real-world humans, we might find ourselves stirred to action.

For less violent, but also less accessible sports, VR has the potential to usher in a renaissance, instead.

But it was on this campus that Derek Belch, a former kicker on Stanford’s football team, began experimenting with VR and sports.

Today, he’s the founder of STRIVR Labs, and he has started using virtual reality with professional and collegiate athletes to review game footage and prepare for competition, without having to risk injuries or wear-and-tear on the field. Sports executives as of late have been showering VR with cash. It will get there, but people are really hoping for it.

Sports like sailing, rowing and bobsled have long vexed spectators and television producers, but awed their athletes. Since the industry is struggling with an aging fan base, sports futurists might do well to pay particular attention to younger fans, who grew up playing video games like FIFA World Cup, the Madden franchise, and have come to hunger for interactivity in sports.

The next generation of fans is more used to making decisions on the coaching team than passively sitting in the stands, and they may demand far more from their sports teams than mere pom pons with a Twitter feed slapped on. Ultimately, the joy of sports is social and psychological, both in the ballpark and around a television on Super Bowl Sunday.Under the protective watch of two lab assistants, I and my fellow visitors each strapped a set of virtual reality goggles to our faces.I listened as my newfound teammates, dressed in crisp white and red jerseys, talked through their plays.Or the smash of a vehicle on a NASCAR track in which a life can end?These kinds of experiences might end up leading to modifications of the sports themselves.In his book, “Players: The Story of Sports, Money, and the Visionaries Who Fought to Make a Revolution,” Matthew Futterman describes it as a bubble, pointing to the significant subsidies that networks receive from cable companies, as well as the rising age of many fans (erectile dysfunction commercials during the World Series, anyone?

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