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Be sure to let her know your mission was "the best mission in the world," as well. You'll have her hanging on your every word by next week's FHE. If you find yourself a little shy on cash, you can always offer the bookstore your firstborn child, or worse, get a job at the bookstore selling overpriced textbooks to your fellow students.

As with any occupation, BYU student life requires you to adopt a new vocabulary. If you're observant you'll soon learn that "Swicket" is not an English sport made popular in India, but rather a tall building on central campus, and you'll learn that the Bean Museum showcases animals, not legumes.

While peer mentors and student advisors will be able to guide you academic issues, you also need the down low on the nitty gritty aspects of student culture. Here are Provo Mormon Dude's 5 sure-fire steps to becoming a true BYU student.

Now that you're at BYU, you probably want to start looking for your "eternal mate." Here are some handy tips for the beginner in the BYU dating scene. The average BYU ward is a utopia for the marriage-hungry.

In addition to racing, our center also has private meeting rooms, a spacious lounge with video games and leather couches, a fully stocked snack bar, and a large collection of racing memorabilia.

Our aim at K1 Speed is for guests to have as much fun off of the track as on!

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For fun and excitement, you can’t go wrong at K1 Speed!

Our Salt Lake City indoor karting facility, located in Sandy, is much more than a simple go-kart track.

During the Southern Utah Museum of Art’s event “A Very SUMA Holiday,” SUMA Family Arts Nights Series (FANS) are holiday-themed.

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