Software updating

Both simple “C Console” or featured “X Console” options.

Each console offers wireless internet connection, so you can monitor valuable asset data and receive automatic software updates.

The premium touch screen console interacts with popular fitness apps and wearables through Bluetooth and NFC connection.

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Research, including my own, tells us why, and offers some suggestions for how to fix it before the inevitable next attack.

All people had to do to stay safe from Wanna Cry was update their software.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our technical support at [email protected] call 215-682-9330 and we can assist you with this procedure.

We all get them from time to time- those little windows that pop up, notifying us that there are software updates available for our computer.

Chances are, these always seem to present themselves right when we are in the middle of doing something seemingly important, so it’s all too convenient to click on that “Remind Me Later” button.

Later eventually rolls around, and our little pop-up friend is back once again, nagging us to install these updates and restart our computer.

So even though these software updates seem like a hassle, think of it as a preventative measure for your Internet safety.

Next time that message comes up to update, resist procrastination and go ahead and hit that “Install Now” button. Mac, i Phone and i Pad are trademarks of Apple Inc.

There is actually significant importance in updating our software. They are available for both our operating system and individual software programs.

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