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I'm not going to type it here because many browser fonts can't display it as a stand-alone character, but it's etymologically derived from 人 meaning "person." And for nearly all the characters in the "person" family, I chose 300 as the split coordinate; for many I also chose 20, and that's visible as the large circle on the plot at those coordinates.My usual practice when adding a new character with "person" on the right is to start with (300,20) as the arguments to the macro and then change the overlap if I don't like the results.Almost everywhere in Tsukurimashou that I have two components one above the other, I invoke a macro called . JP, but it may be pretty opaque if you're not familiar with the METAFONT programming language.) Each macro takes two numeric arguments specifying where to draw the line between the two halves of the composite character and how much to overlap them, and two "text" arguments ("text" is the METAFONT data type used for this purpose) which are fragments of code to draw the two halves. The macro takes the current drawing area, which is initially a square, calculates two new rectangular areas by cutting it in half at the specified coordinate and then shifting the boundaries to create the specified amount of overlap, and invokes the two halves it was given, each on the appropriate side of the line.

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Large, "busy" components usually need more space to look balanced when next to small, simple components.

The "overlap" value in this case is zero, but in some characters it's positive (meaning that the two halves should be pushed together a bit - this might be relevant if the parts happen to have bigger margins than usual when considered by themselves) and in others it's negative (resulting in added space between the two).

Above I said "480 is quite typical"; but what does that really mean?

It seems like it would be interesting to actually collect some data on how often the different parameter values are used.

Although the nominal coordinate space is 900 by 900 units, and METAFONT's fixed-point arithmetic is good to a few places after the decimal point, in fact I almost always use multiples of 10 for my coordinates.

At 12 point, 10 units is roughly 0.04 millimetres and that's almost always as much precision as I need.

This kind of structure can be nested, as in 語 (language).

One can do a sort of gematria with the meanings, (what exactly is the deep significance of "village = tree inch"?

A left-right split point of 480 is quite typical: when a character is made up of a left part and a right part, usually the left part is a little narrower.

However, exactly where the line should be to look right depends on the particular character.

How many times is the dividing line really at 480 as opposed to elsewhere?

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