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I landed on an "NC-17 rated" bit of fanfic, which I clicked because I thought it was funny a movie rating was assigned to a webpage of text.

Getting on a great skin care regimen is important, but that’s only one part of looking and feeling your best.

So we put together a panel of three women in the 50s and 60s to share their secrets to aging gracefully.

My brain wanted 1995 dial-up Internet to operate flawlessly in a 2015 world. In 2015, using a dial-up connection to look at porn is like a teenager looking at 1950s Playboys. Do they just click on a video before they go to work in the morning, and then watch it when they come home eight hours later?

Should I just drive to a strip club, wait eight hours for it to open, and then see boobs in person??

Halloween is a lot of fun for the kids and the big kids, but getting inviting to a last minute celebration can be frightening. Emily Engberg and makeup artist Julie Martin have come up with some fun things you can do last minute.

They chose three ideas and put the looks together with things that can be easily found at your own home or for one quick trip to the drug store.But beauty experts say getting rid of that peach fuzz can help your product sink in deeper and your makeup go on smoother.But ladies, before you whip out the straight edge, it's time to head to the spa.Would it be a fun, nostalgic trip or would I get so impatient I'd throw my laptop out the window? The majority of these folks either live in rural areas without easy broadband access (I live in Denver), or are probably just too old to know how much better things can be. But then my In exchange for my credit card info, I was granted a free month's trial (free trials are still very much a thing, except now that free CD with 10,000 free hours is outdated. I was on my way to getting that sweet, sweet Internet from 1995. After all, I couldn’t miss my curfew if my computer was only 10ft from my race car bed.Working with the latter theory, I figured my neighbors, who are significantly older than I am (I'm in my 30s, and they are... at Best Buy) didn't work the first few times I tried it. I tried to watch Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," which turned out to be super fitting.It's called Shine UP and this week you'll meet the women behind the movement.

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