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Snapchat Leaked claims to ‘show those snaps that don’t want to be seen’ and has begun posting images on Facebook and Twitter, mostly of boobs, bums and other body parts.The page has attracted 534,000 Likes in just 20 hours, encouraging fans to submit their own surreptitiously obtained pictures.Others have popped up under different names however.

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A website leaking nude photos from Snapchat has popped up and spread like wildfire on Twitter and Facebook, attracting more than 500,000 Likes on the latter in less than 24 hours.

Photo sharing app Snapchat allows users to set how long a picture can be viewed for (between 3 and 10 seconds), making it a popular medium through which to share images of a more anatomical nature, shall we say.

I remember one site where the images were updated once every five seconds.

NIFOC (nude in front of computer) was once a naughty activity, now it... i wont skype nude unless the other person is comfortable with it. not looking to hook up with anyone cause i am married.

I also love being spoiled and having you watch me cum.

Since I couldn't have an orgasm until a year ago I am exploring my sexuality right...Hey - I like to have a variety to choose from, and I don't always feel like munching on the same snack, you dig?As much as I appreciate a good old fashion shrimping (that's the pro name for toe sucking), I recommend you don't limit yourself to one type of nasty fun.We list Live Foot Video Sex Cam Chat Girls who have beautiful, sexy, pretty feet, soles and toes.Live Footjob sex, worship, toe sucking, & lesbian feet!Some followers have criticised the page and warned that it could face legal action, while others have used it simply as an opportunity to critique the various naked bodies.

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