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detergents,” all sold through commercials and magazines.Today, American women have more public images of themselves than that of a housewife.But legislators made a major logistical error: They failed to implement an age limitation for dropped-off children.

Because no matter how many different kinds of public images women see of themselves, they're still limited.

They're still largely white, straight upper-middle-class depictions, and they all still identify women as mothers or non-mothers.

One father dropped off his entire family—nine children from ages one to 17.

Others drove from neighboring states to drop off their children once they heard that they could abandon them without repercussion.

One woman even sent her adopted child back to his home country with an apology letter pinned like a grocery list to his chest.

Whether it's because of hardship or not, many Americans are giving up on parenthood. ” Over three years later, the thread of comments is still going strong with thousands of responses—the site usually garners only 10 or so comments for every “confession.” Our anonymous Ann had hit a nerve.

DS wrote, “I feel like I have completely lost any thing that was me.

I never imagined having children and putting myself aside would make me feel this bad.” The expectation of total motherhood is bad enough, having to live it out every day is soul crushing.

We see ourselves depicted in television, ads, movies, and magazines (not to mention relief!

) as politicians, business owners, intellectuals, soldiers, and more.

American culture can't accept the reality of a woman who does not want to be a mother.

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