Should i stop dating him

I am the type of girl who can talk to anyone about anything.To me, conversation is the key to any good relationship.The first couple of weeks, he called me every day, sometimes twice a day. I assumed he didn't have the guts to break it off, so I stopped calling him and he wouldn't call me for a few days, but he always called.

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If you really want to stay with him, there should be communication, but you can't expect him to change so drastically.

If you feel that you have nothing in commn and you guys just don't connect, then it's probably your best bet to just break it off and remain friends.

Why trap yourself in such a torturous relationship. Wouldn't you be better off finding someone who you can have a conversation with? It's difficult to change a person, and in a relationship you shouldn't feel like you need to change them.

It seems like you made your decision already, although I do feel like time, similar experiences, and having fun together should increase commonalities. If he always just says, "yes, no, uh huh, maybe, sometime, we'll see," I don't see a future in that.

I don't want to stop totally talking to him, but I really need to know what shall I do, is it a way I can change that about him or what..

If he doesn't talk to people a lot, and he doesn't talk to you a lot, trying to change that would be like trying to change his personality.

I don't know your whole situation, but relationships like that usually fade out eventually.

Sounds like you already answered all the questions yourself.

If you know more about this guy via his social media activities than you do from information he tells you directly, either you are a stalker or you are wasting your time.

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