Shibuya gyaru dating sim deluxe cheats

I tried to be a soccer player a long time ago.-What to say to kiss her ?

A person that has a bunch of cool parties and lots of friends!

Buy a sports team and enjoy the owners box, hahaha.

Nope, that doesn't interest me.-What to say to kiss her ? At the university's wholesale sports gear shop.

I didn't think you weren't coming Kokoro.-The good questions you can ask her: Where do you usually shop?

Im almost done with Ganguro Girl 2, but while everyone is waiting I decided to put out a simple dating sim.

It's similar to other dating sims but i decided change it up and put an anime spin to it.

I've hid under the bleachers at the stadium a few times.

I played catch in the park with my friend.-The bad questions you can ask her: What is your favorite color?

What object would you say best describes your peosonality?

Oh dear, you better sit down this might take a while.

This solution is very long and perhaps not very easy to handle.

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