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Much to the dismay of some fans in the crowd, however, Bethany didn’t sing anything she had performed on Karaoke with Antwon Tanner and Hilarie Burton After the concert, many fans headed over to Ziggy’s by the Sea to do some karaoke with Antwon Tanner (Skills) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer) until the wee hours of the morning. Hilarie and Antwon did some karaoke, fans did some karaoke, and then, at some points, everyone did karaoke together.For hours it was simply fans hanging out with members of the cast that they grew up loving and seeing what they were like in person. A little ways into the event, fans were treated to some surprises, like the appearances of Cullen Moss (Junk) and Michael Copon (Felix).

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Shantel vansanten and robert buckley dating 2016

The film is the last to feature the late actress Brittany Murphy, who portrays Van Santen's sister-in-law Susan.

In the spring of 2012, Van Santen shot the film "Golden Christmas 3" opposite Rob Mayes, Mark Famiglietti, Nikki De Loach and Orson Bean in a family, romantic, holiday comedy directed by Michael Feifer.

Unfortunately, James wasn't there in person, but that just made everyone sing even louder. Bethany & Hilarie Q&A Throughout the day, fans in attendance had photo ops with the cast, autograph signings, as well as special Q&A panels with different stars.

Here's what we learned from the Bethany & Hilarie Q&A...

#One Tree Hill's @Bethany Joy Lenz just announced she's working on a new film with Paul Johansson (@pjraven)! He lip-synched." pic.twitter.com/u Px7w NCWlm — People's Choice (@peopleschoice) July 23, 2016 Chad Michael Murray, Lee Norris & Antwon Tanner Q&A Think things can't get any more emotional?

#Inside OTH pic.twitter.com/Vz Ljuo8Jtu — People's Choice (@peopleschoice) July 23, 2016 #Hilarie Burton's fave #One Tree Hill music act? Prepare yourself, because the waterworks and the feelings, ALL OF THE FEELINGS, are coming your way.Van Santen also started her career as a model at the age of fifteen for the Page Parkes Management. Filming took place throughout 2007 in Los Angeles and Moscow. In 2009, Van Santen appeared as Lori Milligan in The Final Destination, the fourth installment of the eponymous horror film franchise.Van Santen first appeared as a finalist on NBC's reality television series Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search but was eliminated in the series' first episode. Starring alongside Mischa Barton, the film premiered in Russia on January 25, 2011, and in the U. That same year, Van Santen was cast as a series regular on The CW television drama series One Tree Hill in the show's seventh season.It was a quite a sight to see everyone all in one place, on one stage.And, being the family that they are, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to birthday buddies (July 25) Shantel Van Santen (Quinn James) and James Lafferty (Nathan Scott).In fact, a large majority of the former CW players got together for a fan convention over the weekend where they treated guests to a live rendition of the show's iconic theme song — event on Saturday, but only Peyton, Skills, and Felix actually got in on the singing action.

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