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Travelers who went to a hospital — some gravely sick — were often met with demands for cash before being provided care.Rick Autrey, a barber from Dallas, was pulled from a resort pool in May, pulseless and blue.Heidi Sorrem and her husband, Corey, talk about their trip from their Greenfield, Wis., home to a Mexico resort in Sept. After a couple of shots they both blacked out and Heidi ended up in a hospital. The man is back home, struggling through the emotional aftermath.

The young man was told that the woman — Claudia, as he recalls — was a psychologist. Following blackouts, robberies, assaults, even the death of a loved one, they have experienced indifferent — if not hostile — treatment from resort staffers, local police, and doctors, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation has found. Department of State does little or nothing to help them.“The laws in Mexico make it very, very difficult to hold anyone accountable,” said Nancy Winkler, a Philadelphia attorney who represented a family whose 22-year-old son drowned in a Mexican resort pool in 2007.

They sat in a windowless room and after a while she handed him some paper and told him to draw some pictures. The harm is worsened when travelers quickly learn that catching criminals, filing a lawsuit and otherwise obtaining justice in Mexico is nearly impossible. “It’s a nightmare.”For most, the trouble started when they blacked out after drinking small or moderate amounts of alcohol at resort bars.

The two had been on the beach and at the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya resort pool for a couple of hours and were getting dressed for dinner. They were in Mexico for the first time, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, excited for a few days away from their Greenfield home and thankful that their parents and grandparents had offered to care for their two young sons.

Down at the swim-up bar, they had ordered frozen fruity drinks followed by “Mexican Flag” shots suggested by the bartender.

The couple's troublesstarted after they had shots at the resort's swim-up bar.

Heidi Sorrem stands near the assortment of medical receipts and paperwork she's collected as a result of her injuries she sustained while on a vacation trip to Mexico where her and her husband both became ill and blacked out after having a couple of drinks and two shots each.

Corey Sorrem holds up the X-rays of his wife Heidi Sorrem's skull after an injury she received on vacation at a Mexico resort.

After a fall, Heidi suffered a concussion and received several stitches to her head.

Whether they drank bad alcohol, were deliberately drugged or something else — they can’t say for certain.

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