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From here on you have sex scene with Alyssa and motorbiker. Any other outcome of sex scene with Aly will be ending 2 ###Ending 4 or 5 Ending 4 is a bad ending if you went on a date with Maria but failed after that. From here on 3 possibilities: 1) you gave her 2 drinks - she is yours already 2) She offers to go to private: * That was incredible...

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Sexy chat flashgame shugo chara dating sim game

By the way, I finally got my hands on those galactica blue-rays, are you up for a marathon of sci-fi goodness? Let`s see how rusty you are Pickup Alyssa after her photo session ------------------------------------------ I am sure the modelling life with Alyssa @ bar -------------------- I think Mungo really likes you I guess I don`t need to How about a beer? doesn`t matter - Send spicy sms - She`ll be tough/actually..., doesn`t matter - Would you like.../Never mind.., doesn`t matter - Pick up Alyssa - Does he take the stick out his arse...? However, I am sure that you can get more than one ending from this point on, so be sure to explore different options ;) I was able to reach all 5 endings so here is walkthrough.

Nothing major - Get back to work - You are just a quick learner... - Give her 250$ - color doesn`t matter - Just go straight to work - She`s my girlfriend...

- Pick up/break a leg, doesn`t matter - Ofcourse/I don`t know, doesn`t matter - Continue work - She`ll be a tough one... - Prepare for date - Kiss her hand - Talk = Quickie?

* 4 click to pull up * I must humbly thank you for this... * Unplug the mouse cord * The I won`t tell you (slight decrease in mood but next answer increases it more) * You are right...

) Prepare for a date with Maria * Buy her som ice cream * Play pool together * For starters, the way... 3) Her friend Bob shows up: (I`m not sure what triggers him, but don`t look into purse for sure, and don`t make her mood too high (but not too low or you lose)) * (!!!

What I`ll be there You are right Something crazy 1.

(Increasing Passion is easy because you can touch her pussy as many times as you like and it doesn`t reduce your stamina, also throwing panties to Motorbiker will increase passion a bit) After blowjob and sex with motorbiker bring passion to max by fucking her yourself For ending 3: * (!!! * Check Maria`s purse or send an sms to Alyssa, depending on which you do date may go differently, but you can get Maria either way.

You don`t have to get motorbiker involved other than taking his scarf. But if you want to punish Alyssa and get to the ending 3 then you will need to work hard here: Work up a lot of passion for Alyssa until she agrees to give motorbiker blowjob and get fucked by him. When Alyssa gets into the office * You are just a quick learner * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Maria anyway) * Some days I...

Description This is cool animation where hentai babe pulls eggs from her pussy. And when you get over 160 she will spread her legs and will wait for your cock! PLAY THIS GAME It is breeding time again at the reno farm.

If you have over 75 points, she will let you lick her tits and pussy.

* Massage Maria`s shoulders * X * Fix the printer * Nothing major... * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Alyssa anyway) * (!!!

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