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Everything is bigger in Texas, including the judicial scandals.Earlier this week, the Texas Supreme Court suspended a judge who allegedly hired prostitutes and admitted to sexting a bailiff, using illegal drugs, and misusing black-market prescription medication. Green of Harris County, Texas, who is “very popular in the precinct” according to her attorney, will go without pay while the State Commission on Judicial Conduct decides if she should be permanently removed from her position. The Dallas Morning News summarizes part of the case against her: According to the petition for her suspension, Green admitted to using ecstasy and marijuana with a boyfriend, but she told the commission that her “misuse” of prescription medication had no effect on her professional life.

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You can follow her on Twitter or connect with her on Linked In.

Law firms blow a lot of rhetorical hot air affirming their commitment to achieving gender diversity in the workplace.

As detailed in the Commission’s 316-page recommendation for Green’s immediate suspension, these are some of the explicit text messages that she exchanged with her bailiff, Deputy Kelvin Davis: [Mr. Green has denied having any kind of a sexual relationship with Davis, and has made no efforts to reassign him to another judge, despite their steamy messages.

Davis]: “Gm judge pls forgive me for my own personal fantasies about u must have been on my mind before I when to sleep last night omg bc I had a dam field day with u, I dreamed I was playing with ur toes and u said in my dream thats enough of that in ur mommy voice u need to be eaten this pussy and judge u opened up those legs and u cum all in my face it was so real that I thought it was real .. According to the Commission, this is the first time a Texas judge has received a temporary suspension in a contested matter in at least a decade.

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lol what a wonderful time with you I had …” [errors, shorthand and ellipses in orig.] [Judge Green]: “Wow! Green’s lawyer, Chip Babcock, called the decision to suspend his client “very disappointing,” further stating that it was “frustrating and surprising,” especially considering the fact that Green had been overwhelmingly reelected to her position with 86 percent of the vote, even though the allegations she faced had been made public.

Best of luck to Judge Hilary Green as she fights to keep her job.

Yet, despite some isolated efforts to hire and retain more female attorneys and promote more women into partnership, little tangible progress has been made to improve the position of women in the profession…

Cities are the new states; today, many of the world’s 31 megacities have larger populations and economies than individual nations.

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