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SAAFE was created by a few very 'normal' women who just happen to get paid to spend time with men, women and couples.We are independent and have entered into this profession of our own free will - not a coercive force in sight!Still, though, as nervous as I was, I was also a bit turned on.

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We offer unbiased advice from those doing the job already, all with your interests at heart and that includes guidance on how to get yourself out of escorting if you feel it's not right for you.

So get yourself a coffee and make yourself comfortable as you explore our different pages. SAAFE was started in a ladies forum in October 2003 by myself (Brandy) and Sarah-Jane.

I was driving, and I wanted to be safe, so I brushed her off.“Honey,” she said, “I may have some fun tonight, so don’t get upset, alright? ” I asked, a bit suspicious.“I’ve known these guys for a long time, and we’ve all been through stuff together, so things are more loose and playful with them,” she said.“Okay…” I said, not sure I how to respond.“Just promise me you won’t get jealous if some horseplay goes on.

Besides, you always like it when I show off, right? Just, you know, don’t get crazy,” I said.“Oh, you know I love you,” she said, and leaned over the seat and kissed me on the cheek.

She’s average height, with slim legs leading up to a tight, curvy bottom.

Her breasts are a small C cup, full and round, and they sit high on her chest.We have our eyes wide open and are all fully aware of what we do.Some of us made a conscious decision to enter this line of work and some of us just 'fell into it'.If we don't list what you're looking for then just head over to our forum and ask us!As some of society is not yet ready to accept us, this site is dedicated to helping people who may have no-one to talk to about this, don't know where to start, who to trust or who maybe thought they were the only escort around.I’m very proud of my wife’s body, and usually I encourage her to show it off.

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