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Dan grabbed her boobs and started licking her nipples. Even though my dick was now in my moms mouth, I could tell from her expression, she was having an orgasm as her eye started twitching. Hey guys anyone whose gonna cum soon tell beforehand so you can stick your dicks in her pussy and fill her up! "Ohh I think I'm about to cum." said Cole as we swapped positions so that he could cum my moms pussy.

As soon as this happened, I let go of her hair and her head suddenly sprung out letting go of my dick while saliva rushed out of her mouth.

She coughed and coughed and started breathing again.

"Mrs Hawkins, I can't believe you are sucking my big black cock! Or bitch or whore or anything like that I don't care." I ordered my friends.

And we always thought you hated us" said Troy to piss her off. "Well Amanda, Imma slide my dick into your wet pussy if that's alright with you.

Once she caught her breath, she looked up at me and asked "What are you doing her Sam?

" To that I replied "Mom, I own this company and now I own you. " As I said this I signalled some of my colleagues to come join.

"Mom, remember those friends of mine you told me to stay away from? Meet Dan, Troy and Cole." Dan was a black man that had a 11 inch dick.

Troy, another black friend had a 12 inch dick and Cole who was one of my white friends had a 8 inch dick. " "Son please no wait lets talk abou..." Troy stuck his dick in her mouth to silence her.

And as I slapped her with it, her mouth opened and I knew she wanted it in her mouth badly.

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