Sex ip cam hacked

Details of how many steps you walk each day probably aren't that interesting to hackers (though might have value to your health insurance supplier) but most people probably wouldn't want the intimate information collected by We-Vibe made available – and therein lies the potential for blackmail.

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Repeated incidents of celebrities having their internet accounts hacked and intimate pictures distributed across the web have made this clear.

Yet one company decided to put a camera into a sex toy and connect it to the internet.

The particular vulnerability of the We-Vibe was revealed back in 2016 when two independent hackers speaking at the DEF CON conference showed that a third party could take control of the vibrator.

On the surface this might seem like an amusing idea but, after two seconds of consideration, it obviously becomes a complete violation.

But there are three potential issues around this kind of dating sharing.

First, there is the question of whether the company has permission from the user.

The case was started by two unnamed female users who realised that the device was collecting and relaying data on how often it was used, the vibration settings selected and – eyebrow-raisingly – its temperature, all linked to each user's email address.

This meant the firm could build a rather detailed and personal profile of an individual's sexual activity.

On top of this, while individual countries have their own data protection laws to govern these issues, there are still grey areas over which local rules apply to multinational companies – and uncertainty over the ability to enforce them.

And even if a company follows all the rules the data could still be stolen.

But the activity they track is a little more sensitive.

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