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The client is then met at the door by a supervisor who takes them to the prostitute’s room, and if the young woman doesn’t measure up in person to her photo on the site, he can choose another.

Some have their own list of ‘regulars’ and know in advance who they will be meeting, but for most it’s a lottery. She sets the prices and deals with the police, but she can’t really be called its boss – the salon operates more like a workers’ cooperative.

According to secret research carried out in the late 1920s, almost 60% of urban Soviet men were using the services of prostitutes.

Some of these show erotic movies on a loop, either to help the client get aroused or teach him new tricks.

For particularly sophisticated clients there is a room with a Jacuzzi, and a small bar serving champagne.

It would throw the prostitutes out of work, of course, but again, the Bolshevik authorities weren’t keen, and Lenin declared that ‘our young people have quite lost their minds to this theory’.

There is, of course, no sign on the house on Vladimirsky Prospekt.

Clients would recognise the sign, but the police turned a blind eye to this blatant advertising.

By the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, prostitution was regulated, at least in the bigger cities.

But we’re talking about the facility on Vladimirsky Prospekt.

The customer chooses a ‘girl’ and phones her either on her mobile number or through a supervisor. Sometimes a client can be visited at home, but that costs twice or three times more and it’s not just a question of travelling time, but also the prostitute’s safety.

Offering the services of a dominatrix marks a salon out as high class.

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