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(2) Is there evidence that shifts in abiotic factors could be driving changes in plant traits?

This study took place at field sites near Barrow (71°18′N, 156°40′W) and Atqasuk (70°29′N, 157°25′W), Alaska, United States.

Recent changes in the Arctic include earlier snowmelts, longer growing seasons, warmer temperatures, and increasing thaw depths (ACIA, 2005).

Tundra vegetation has begun responding to these shifts through altered plant growth and phenology, northward expansion of shrubs and trees, and altered community compositions (ACIA, 2005; Tape et al., 2006; Elmendorf et al., 2012a).

As arctic plants continue responding to climate change, the effects could have repercussions on ecosystem energy balance, carbon and nutrient cycling, and trophic interactions (Chapin et al., 2005; Aerts, 2006; Post and Forchhammer, 2008).

Because arctic plants play critical roles in regulating these systems, understanding their responses to warming is crucial for predicting the effects of climate change on the Arctic.

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Reproductive effort was best predicted using abiotic conditions from the previous year.

We also found that varying the base temperature used to calculate degree days changed the number of significant relationships between temperature and the trait: in general, reproductive phenologies in colder sites were better predicted using lower base temperatures, but the opposite held for those in warmer sites.

For this analysis, we focused on abiotic factors collected from 1999 to 2010 and plant traits collected from 1999, 2000, 2001, 2007, 2008, and 2010 as these were years when all measures of interest were collected.

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