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These rabid cheaters have two or three children and have been married for more than five years.Doctors top the list of ‘doggers’ at 15 per cent, followed by men who work in banking (14 per cent), civil servants (12 per cent) and businessmen (12 per cent).

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An exclusive Ipsos survey reveals that 87 per cent of women aged between 18-35 know someone who is dating a married man.

Frighteningly, 50 per cent of married men have unprotected sex, meaning wives who kick a ruckus after discovering condoms in their husbands’ wallets should probably give them a peck.

However, that only one per cent of the women sampled said they were dating Teso, Meru or men of mixed race, could be about population dynamics and not necessarily because men from these communities are wired to zip it.

ALSO READ: 10 things new wives do that piss off their men Curiously, only four per cent of the women said they were dating politicians.

Who would have imagined that learned friends are stingy?

Married male journalists and insurance agents also don’t score too well with young women.The explanation, however, could be that politicians, who are known to be a randy bunch with multiple mistresses, are few and spread too thin on the ground (pun intended).Catherine Mbau, a relationship expert at Arise Consultancy, however, dismisses the belief that all men cheat.Other Westland online dating sites charge for memberships, we are 100% free for everything.No catch, no gimmicks, find a single girl here for free right now.So ingrained is the Kenya man’s itch to chase skirts that 90 per cent of the women sampled say they have been hit on by a married man “whom they knew was married or later found out was married.” But proof that it takes two crooks to tango lies in the revelation that 79 per cent of women who are romping a married man crawled beneath the sheets knowing the hairy bugger was married anyway. Eighty five per cent of women who sleep with married men do it because its a meal ticket to Easy Street. Not surprisingly, women cheat mostly with men who drive cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW or Subaru (13, 12 and 10 per cent respectively).

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