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Here are 50 of Iowa's makers and shakers for the Republican presidential caucuses.

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But, after attending that session I have since realized that I can still serve the Lord and move on from my past mistakes because God is a loving God and He will forgive me of my sins.

I thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful concept that even after all of my faults that He still loves me.

We prayed and recommitted ourselves and our relationship to Christ and asked him to help us because we cannot do this on our own.

I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do!

Our kids heard about what works by two people who have lived it.

They also came equipped with facts that appealed both to the parents and the kids.I just want to be upfront and honest with you and tell you that you along with Christ Jesus changed me and my girlfriend’s relationship for the better.We had both struggled with sexual sin and temptation and tested our boundaries.Although my story will be very different, your story has shown me that this lonely heart of mine can be fully content in God’s love for me. Have you ever been so happy with the Lord that it’s almost physically impossible to contain yourself? I felt that when we spoke and the again when I heard your seminar. Craig and Molly were captivating, funny, relevant and biblical!

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