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With so many affluent and upper-middle-class subscribers living so close to the various services, not only was signal piracy becoming an issue for ONTV and other over-the-air subscription television services, but so was the transcription and subsequent multiple dubbing of said transcribed programs.

Service fees to subscribe to the service varied depending on the market.

In Los Angeles, the basic service cost $19 per month, along with an extra charge for a selection of softcore pornographic films marketed as "ON Plus".

The decoder box would receive the signal from the broadcast station and subscribers were required to tune their television sets to VHF channel 3 to view the broadcast (in a manner not unlike the transmission methods used for VCRs or modern cable set-top converters), a technology that was sometimes called a multipoint distribution system.

Viewers that did not have a decoder box saw a scrambled, flickering video feed and garbled or substituted audio.

Many subscribers also received a monthly program guide called Seas ON Ticket.

In the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market, the basic fee was .95 per month, plus an additional fee for the optional late night "adult" programming.Cable television increased in availability throughout many cities during the 1980s, rendering "over-the-air" subscription television obsolete.The service changed its name to ON Subscription Television in 1983 after it purchased the rights to the subscriber list for Spectrum; ON continued operations until shutting down two years later in 1985.ONTV/ON Subscription Television – like pay television networks – aired a mixture of movies, sports events and concerts.On the sports side, as an example, the Los Angeles-area service broadcast many home games from the Los Angeles Dodgers, California Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings, as well as some era's biggest championship boxing matches.ONTV (later known as ON Subscription Television from 1983 until its shutdown in 1985) is a defunct American subscription television service that was owned by National Subscription Television, a joint venture between Oak Industries (a manufacturer of satellite and pay television decoders and equipment), Chartwell Enterprises (owned by Norman Lear) and media executive A. Operating in such major markets as Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit, ONTV aired a broad mix of feature films from mainstream Hollywood blockbusters to pornographic films as well as sports events and specials.

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