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Speed allows you to get your message and information out there more quickly, he said.

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Charlier hypothesizes that workers may grow less sensitive to grammatical errors and the use of the texting language as more Millennials enter the workforce.

But for now, workers continue to associate poor typing skills with poor leadership and effectiveness.

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The study — titled “Emergent Leadership in Virtual Teams: A Multilevel Investigation of Individual Communication and Team Dispersion Antecedents” — found a close correlation between strong typing skills and the perception of strong leadership.

The experiment involved dividing 344 participants into four-member teams, with each team asked to play the role of a Hollywood studio in deciding which scripts to produce.

The “please forgive all typos” warnings at the bottom of phone-sent emails, for example, probably don't have much of an effect on the readers.“Errors are perceived as errors,” he said.

The study found the relationship between typing and leadership has held true even with the development of video conference technology and other real-time communication options."Ten or 15 years ago, people thought that there would be a day when email and text would go away," he said.

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