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Thanks for taking your time to read Tosyne2much's write-up : D Without further ado, let's get started Guys, Silly Things You Should Stop Doing When Your Are 25yrs& Above [b] 1.Writing Yourself Off Because Of Your Financial Status [/b] Many guys believe that if you consistently make money you will get the lady you desire. Your money can however get you a money-grubbing lady that would zoom off when your cash flow no longer meet her needs The notion that every lady wants money has driven many dudes into developing low self esteem; and acting like ladies puppets.Lying To Ladies So As To Get Liked The notion that many ladies fall easily for liars doesn't mean you should you should also employ lies to win a lady's heart.

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Publishing Your Life Plans On Social Media Having your friends informed about your plans is not a bad idea but it should be done moderately on social sites. Even if you have vast knowledge in Queen's English, do not aim it at using it to mock others.

I have a friend who keeps updates of his movements on social sites, That is, he keeps travel, exam and food updates. 100%; GNS 201 taken down, Com 101 here I come; In two hour's time, I will be in 400L .... A mature guy respects other people's way of talking knowing fully well that your fluency is NOT a true measure of intelligence.

Also, chasing and keeping different species of ladies is NOT and achievement and will never be an achievement anytime anyday.

When you are 25yrs & above and you are guilty of this, you are silly.

By the time nemesis catches up you with, you will start running from churches to mosques to Guru Maraji crying for deliverance 8. I personally don't go to parties where I'm not invited unless I'm going with a friend who was invited. You shouldn't be present anywhere things are being given for free 9.

Raising Shoulders To Neighbours It's paramount to know that the farther you go in life, the humbler you should become.

Generally Acting Like An I detest guys who act like idiots when they spot a lady. You have to bring out that your Q5 or Ipad just the moment you spot a lady and that's when you start singing, doesn't that make you a plain idiot ?

At 25, a lady passes and you have to show your stupidity by hissing or shouting. The truth is, you don't have to flaunt your electronic gadgets to show how sophisticated you are.

It doesn't NOT make you look like a big boy but it makes you look [b] weird, absurd and childish.

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