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Pros Great team of young people who are all trying to push the company forward because they are dedicated enough to keep their job.

Management is trying to create a nice environment for the company's products profile : online casual sex dating network.

Berlin’s reputation as a city of openness makes it attractive to those looking for love.

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“Every one of my friends is on it now…there’s no shame in admitting it,” he says.

Tinder, which links to users’ Facebook profiles and features a game-like interface, has become the acceptable face of online dating.

The pilots knew very well about the explosive nature of their actions, reported Focus.

They also knew that the flight attendants involved were afraid of going to the police and to human resource colleagues because they didn't want the public exposure.

Almost a third of the city’s residents are single while more than half are living alone. So why is a city celebrated for its openness so loath to relationships?

Berlin’s free-and-easy way of life seems to be part of it.

Cons Training is insufficient enough for people to get on top of things.

The company is rapidly changing because of capital accusation and sometimes it feels like one hand doesn't speak to the other, because of this fact : one day you can be in the company and the next day you can be out.

There appears, though, to be something about people living in the capital that makes them unwilling to be tied down.

Analyst Lena, 23, moved to Berlin from Latvia three months ago and sees transient encounters as part of the lifestyle.

For people new to the city, dating sites are often the first places they look to find a date.

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