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They are conducted by qualified auditors who Dangerous products, as defined by federal legislation, play a key part in Canada’s economy, whether exported directly, like gas and oil, or used by industry—for example, natural gas in the plastics industry and explosives in the mining and construction industries.

Shipments of dangerous products transported throughout Canada each year by road, rail, air, and ship number in the tens of millions and are subject to the and its regulations administered by Transport Canada.

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1.1 Dangerous products play a key part in Canada’s economy.

Products classified by the federal government as dangerous range from products like gas and oil that are consumed or exported to products used by industry, such as natural gas in the plastics industry, explosives in the mining and construction industries, and sulphuric acid and lithium in the manufacture of batteries.

We examined how Transport Canada and the National Energy Board determine whether regulated organizations have complied with established legislation and standards in transporting dangerous products and whether they have prepared emergency response plans.

We did not look at emergency response and recovery activities that would take place following an incident.

One person died and 34 people were hospitalized after exposure to the vapours.

Anhydrous ammonia is toxic to fish and wildlife, and disperses easily in water.

Their use ranges from gasoline to power motor vehicles to substances such as lead and mercury used in the manufacture of electronic products.

1.3 If the movement of dangerous products is not handled correctly or accidents occur, it can result in injury or death.

For example, acids coming into contact with skin can cause severe burns, and chlorine gas if inhaled can cause death.

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