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At the same time it is hard to prove that an abortion has been done because the foetus was a girl.

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The owner yelled at us, not understanding why the other traveler (an 18 year old who had high morals) would not have sex with him.

He called all western women whores repeatedly for about 20 minutes, even after we told him how offensive the word was.

However, the practice is highly problematic from the standpoint of the principle of equality between men and women.

Irrespective of one’s choice to view the problem either as violence against the foetus or the woman, sex-selective abortion is a clear case of discrimination with strong elements of physical and psychological violence.

I have gathered more information on the culture since then and I believe that he was confused because of what he sees western women doing on television and what he has seen as a hostel owner.

He seems to truly not understand that many western women will not sleep with everybody.Selective abortions of female foetuses are well known from China and India, but they are common in some parts of Europe, too.This deeply discriminatory practice springs from the disadvantaged status of women in society. In Council of Europe member states, have been documented in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, but also in some countries in the Balkans, most commonly in Albania and to a lesser extent Montenegro, Kosovo*, and parts of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.Ultrasound examination is a very important tool in order to determine the age of the foetus and to monitor its development, but at the same time it is the cheapest and the most affordable way to learn the sex of the foetus.Ultrasound equipment is now generally available, and sex-selective abortions have started to rise.However, there are some international bodies, which have taken a stand on the issue.

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