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Perhaps it's time to have a real captain and a "show captain"?The real captain handles the ship, the rest does stuff for the tourists, such as marriages. We have a parliament and a prime minister who has the real power, and a king/queen to keep the tourists happy.

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Typically, this was used for small species, such as Pilot Whales, Belugas and Narwhals.

Over thousands of years of human migrations and the rise of ancient civilizations, seafaring exploration led to ocean trade routes.

Does Bahamian law forbid captains from performing marriages?

In the case of cruise ships it's likely that some captains may have obtained whatever credentials they need in order to perform marriages, but they don't necessarily have that ability solely by virtue of being ship's captains.

The first prehistoric boats are presumed to have been dugout canoes which were developed independently by various stone age populations.

In ancient history, various vessels were used for coastal fishing and travel.

Navigation was known in Sumer between the 4th and the 3rd millennium BC, and was probably known by the Indians and the Chinese people before the Sumerians.

Humans used boats for travel and eventually for food resources.

In the history of whaling, humans began whaling in pre-historic times.

The oldest known method of catching whales is to simply drive them ashore by placing a number of small boats between the whale and the open sea and attempting to frighten them with noise, activity, and perhaps small, non-lethal weapons such as arrows.

Our youngest socklet is to be married at the end of May, and he chose my best friend (and the best man at our wedding) to "solemnize" the proceedings. " &S Er Captain, I know we've lost all engines, the radio's dead, we're taking in water, the ship's listing 30 degrees to port, the Bosun's died of a heart attack and the ship's galley has run out of strawberries, so we do appreciate you may be just a little tiny bit busy right now, but Melissa and I were wondering if you wouldn't be a darling and just spare a few minutes to do us the teensiest favour.

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