Two way cam free - Sccm clients not updating resource informaiton

All client settings in System Center Configuration Manager are managed in the Configuration Manager console from the Client Settings node in the Administration workspace.

Configuration Manager comes with a set of default settings.

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If this setting is False or No but Enable user policy polling on clients is True or Enable user policy on clients is Yes, users will not receive user policies until the computer is connected to the intranet.

For more information about managing clients on the Internet, see Considerations for client communications from the Internet or an untrusted forest in Communications between endpoints in System Center Configuration Manager.

If you leave this option as False or No, or either of the conditions fails, a computer on the Internet will receive computer policies only.

In this scenario, users can still see, request, and install applications from an Internet-based Application Catalog.

When the client is on the intranet, if the chosen Application Catalog website point is configured with a Net BIOS name for the Application Catalog URL, clients are given this Net BIOS name instead of the intranet FQDN.

When the client is detected to be on the Internet, only the Internet FQDN is given to the client.

When you change the default client settings, these settings are applied to all clients in the hierarchy.

You can also configure custom client settings, which override the default client settings when you assign these to collections. Enables peer cache for Configuration Manager clients.

For information about how to configure client settings, see How to configure client settings in System Center Configuration Manager. Then, specify port information by which the client communicates with the peer computer.

Configuration Manager will automatically configure Windows Firewall rules to allow this traffic.

Warning If you choose this option when neither of these conditions applies, software updates and required applications are not installed on clients.

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