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The founder of the company is Olga, who is also responsible for all operations.Her background academically is in Economics and Psychology.


One office is located in Kharkov City, while the other other marriage agency office is located in Kiev.

Each office is able to facilitate the needs of arriving foreign guests from outside the country.

This is the point where things will begin to progress further.

Although the distance is huge, you’ll be able to traverse it electronically and see where things develop.

These tour packages vary in terms of the amenities offered as well as the overall experience.

Traveling to Ukraine to meet a potential spouse isn’t that expensive as you might think and can be assured to also be an enjoyable experience for the price, as Ukraine is the cheapest country of Europe these days, because of the currency rate.Kharkov City is known for having some of the most beautiful women in Ukraine.Kiev is a city which is also friendly and very open to visitors.You also have the opportunity to meet any amount of different Russian brides from the gallery.These tours are designed to be full matchmaking packages which will pair you with the right Ukrainian lady.Once the two of you see one another, then you will likely want an opportunity to e-mail her.

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