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The reason I am here is that a friend of my husband (let me call him like this), has decided to marry a Russian woman, thinking they all should be as nice as me.

My husband is 34 while I am 27, while this friend in America is 48 and also wants a young woman.

Zhanna Mustafa Omar Country : Russian Federation, 363750 Respublika Severnaya Ossetia g. Kirova,78 From: Shohonowa Irina – Pirogova Irina Dating Scammer – Corin Riggs From : Miss.

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Pictures stolen from Playboy model […]Dating Scammer – Karen Dreams Details First Name: Diana Location: Tema, Ghana Age: 31 Birth Date: Mira, Diana Icq : Email: [email protected]@Attention!

Petersburg Age: 34 Birth Date: Leter 1: Hі xxxxx, іt Mira.


Alice Miller aka Lia19 aka Lia Leah Country : North Africa, Libya From: Alice Miller aka Lia19 aka Lia Leah [ [email protected]] Date: Tue, Mar […]Dating Scam – Pirogova Irina ( Shohonowa Irina ) From : Miss.

Forward them the letter with money request and the story of how you have been scammed.

(Sometimes aliases POSTMASTER and ABUSE can be disabled and in the return letter you will be given a different email address or a link to the website to file your complaint.

If you want criminals to be prosecuted, please apply to authorities and lay charges. I receive about 200 emails a day without scam reports.

(Most of my time I successfully help single Russian women and western men to find each other; this Black List is just my volunteer input to the community.

Women in Russia are more interested in your warm heart and great personality, not your money.

They are not looking for a meat ticket like American women - but sending them money is changing that...

I did that, met a few, had a girlfriend from Germany for about a year, but I also received a couple interests from Russian women (which turned out to be scams). The final of the story was dramatic and hit pages of newspapers all over the world. Click here A short while ago I found the black list, shown here.

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