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tapas • paella • sangria • pintxos • all spanish wine list open every day for dinner at , open for lunch beginning september 2nd 60 valley street • providence, ri • (401) 270-6080 • Enjoy the Bocado Experience all Summer long� for only $29.95*� per person *�Reg�ularly priced at $37.50 per person.

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(For evidence, see the embarrassing ignorance of the sport seen daily from the talking hairdos on any major network’s morning news show who inevi- tably end each report with a pom- pom waving, “Go USA! She’ll be performing music and doing who knows what else; at a Laurel Casey performance, one never knows. Phil Eil, the Phoenix’s news edi- tor, recently conducted an email interview with Laurel and here are a few excerpts: Can you give a bit of a des Crip- tion of what this show will be like? I have to clean it because I rent it weekly and that’s the money I live on. [On a recent] af- ternoon I was in the flooded gully with a shovel, diverting run-off from the foundation as Buddy announced his candidacy. given that this is a July 4 show, will the performan Ce have any parti Cular patrioti C theme? I’m planning a sing-a-long: “My Buddy,” segue into “My Way,” “Brother, Can you Spare a Dime,” the Marines Hymn, “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” and then I will reenact the song that got me fired from the Gatehouse [now the Waterman Grille] the night after 9/11: The Afghani National Anthem. An evening with Laurel Casey is like not other and P&J can guarantee that this will be a memorable experience.

I’d love to talk about per- formance art, guerilla theater, subversive cabaret, political and gina dives in pols and pools; the us embraces the beautiful game; see a genius on the 4th Phillipe Jorge’s Cool, Cool World social satire, situational ethics, cultural philosophy, and being possessed; instead I will say that I simply reflect back what I absorb — without a filter — in the mo- ment. There was a big celebration on Federal Hill with a singer and a band. ^ Jen sorensen INTERNATIONAL TENNIS HALL OF FAME AT THE NEWPORT CASINO ALEX AND ANI STAGE FRIDAY, AUGUST 1 Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra w. Theo Croker - To Billie with Love FORT ADAMS STATE PARK FRIDAY, AUGUST 1 John Zorn 8 Miguel Zenón 8 Jon Batiste 8 Snarky Puppy Darcy James Argue 8 Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks Cécile Mc Lorin Salvant 8 Rudresh Mahanthappa Amir El Saffar 8 Mostly Other People Do The Killing Berklee Global Jazz Ambassadors SATURDAY, AUGUST 2 / Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra w.

But we find it hard to be- lieve he has forgotten how won- derful it was to be a kid and have a beautiful swimming pool at your disposal when the tempera- tures hit the 90s, as they have this past week. A f Amily Aff Air In some countries, rabid fans would be considering burning down the house of US national team striker Chris Wondolowski, who missed an absolute sitter two yards in front of the goal against Belgium in the last minute of stoppage time in the World Cup group of 16 when the score was 0-0. Instead, Belgium went on to win 2-1 in the 30 minutes of extra time, with the US attack- ing for an equalizer like madmen down the stretch.

Despite the game’s outcome, the US Team’s accomplishments at this World Cup are something to remember with pleasure.

I am a genius and I dare you to think otherwise after you’ve seen my show. Grace Kelly The Brubeck Brothers Mingus Big Band George Wein & the Newport All-Stars Artists not in play order, and are subject to change.

you’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus from performing, and this show marks a kind of re- turn. Original works to debut at the festival are made possible in part by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Charles Bakst, the launch of the twice-convicted former mayor’s latest (and, likely, last) campaign triggered waves of nausea.

“It makes me sick,” he tweeted after Cianci’s show ended.

They upset all odds by advancing from the notorious “Group of Death” against Germany, Ghana, and Portugal, and into the final 16, while soccer glamour boys from Spain, Italy, and England were flying home.

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