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Holy Child class of 1956, Brooklyn Preparatory 1960 and Fordham College of Pharmacy 1965. Scottish Rite 1953 and Ismailia Shrine 1953 Buffalo, NY. We'd go to baseball games here in LA, especially when the Dodgers played the Mets. Looking For members of the Gendron family or the Shields family. Ken Ball Hi, Does anyone know what ever happened to Steve from Steve's Pizza that was on 111 Street and Jamaica Avenue? He was part of the gang from 121st Street & 101st Ave where I lived. I'm hoping this isn't too late, but Holy Child Jesus is having their Centennial Celebration for all alumni September 16, 2017 from 3 PM - Midnight.

Lived on 121st St and Jamaica Ave for a short while and then to Lefferts Blvd in the 91st Ave block. Masonic Bkgrnd Tyrian Lodge #618,1952 Brooklyn, NY. Friends welcome to attend inurnment of cremated remains at LI Natl. Was born in 1942 and lived in Richmond Hill area until he moved the family to California in 1973. He had such fond memories of the neighborhood he grew up in. It was interesting for me to see the proximity of this lovely neighborhood so close to the Big City. just read your comment about your dad owning carlos pizza. I am still wondering if any one knows or remembers Nancy Hecht, Billy Haas, Harold Meyer, Judy Meyer, Henry or Doris Mueller, Ronny Saxon, John Farone, or Pat Mugavero. I learned this very afternoon that Lenny passed away this week.

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Wow, had no idea regarding the history of my old home town! My family lived in Richmond Hill during the 1950s and 1960s. I have great memories of Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor, Forest Park, and the "El" train. I have always had good memories of being there, especially shopping on Liberty Ave. I grew up in Richmond Hill in the 1960's - 1970's, attended St. I grew up on 109th Avenue but 125th Street was the place to be. Left Richmond Hill 1n 1960 but have great memories: Baseball at Smoky Hollow, ice skating on Jackson Pond, the wonders of Forest Park. Every SINGLE time we sat next to someone who was either from Richmond Hill or around it and then it was non-stop talking for 3 hours about the old neighborhood. Only thing I remember was that there was a hand written sign on the door saying "Sorry, Closed Will Re Open Soon." That was the end of Steve's. If anyone's interested, please use the link bellow to submit your info by choosing alumni immediately at Invitations are going out and time is of the essence for replies since many are expected. is the Alumni Mass, Concelebrated by past and current Clergy.

I have seen several other requests for information regarding Richmond Hill Sanatorium where I was born in 1945. My parents and I were living with relatives, Harry Mac Gregor. , but not sure which one and in 1953 I was attending P. Tons of kids, classmates and friends with such wonderful memories, one of which is still my best friend today. We had a summer bungalow at Rockaway so never spent those months there. 3-4 PM is registration and a Memorial Garden dedication. 6 PM - Midnight is dinner, music, beer, wine in the school, auditorium and the schoolyard.

Connie's Restaurant on 108 street and Jamaica Avenue, years ago, did they ever open another restaurant in different neighborhood? I was in in the same grade as Katerinka Nalywajako, Debra Diaz, Nancy Lamberson, Bunny Wolf, Barbara Holland, Frances Ferger, Helen Werber to name a few. My mother shopped at Tunics department store and Mayfair all the time. Those parades are so vivid in my mind, marching down Liberty Avenue.

I lived on 129th Street between 107th and 109th Avenue. I would love to hear from all of my old class mates. Walking down Liberty Avenue going to Uncle Jack's to buy a toy, or the record shop to buy the latest 45.

I am trying to find a photography studio that was there in 1960. He died after suffering a fractured skull fighting a two alarm in 1935. After school went to Jahns before taking the bus home to Glendale. Many a good man and many a good memory came flooding back. My father's great uncle, Charlie Mulligan, owned a bar called Mulligan's on Myrtle Ave, I believe in the lower 60's of streets. If anyone knows what the address was or even has pictures, please email me! Is there a list of WWII casualties that went to RHHS?

He complained of feeling faint and nobody called for a doctor or ambulance and he was dead in the morning. He had a high level of alcohol in his system BECAUSE HE WAS SELF-MEDICATING TO KILL THE PAIN. My mother was Elizabeth Schnoor and my father was John Wubbenhorst, and they met after the war. I'm trying to find out about Robert, who I think served in the army and was KIA.

You fellows got some excellent dancers on their feet. My aunt and uncle: Samuel and Beatrice Carpenter lived in Richmond Hill in the 1960's. They would round you up in PS 66 -- the Dental Hygienist would call your name off a list and away you would go, to see Dr. didn't hear anybody mention Marty's pool hall above A&P on Liberty and 117 street or shopping at Dadson's men's store on Liberty ave and 115 street where my brother worked about 20 yrs. In doing research for this project, I came across your site. :isted are several others that might be helpful: Top 100 Genealogy Sites for Military Records A Beginner's Guide to Building a Family Tree Online https:// Indexes Hello everyone, I lived in Woodhaven from 1968-1979 and attended P. My closest friends in the neighborhood were Steven Braun, Frank Dagostino, and David Laino. Last May I posted a comment about Davies candy store. I remember Gebhardt's - especially for rolls on Sunday after church. I have very fond memories growing up in this great neighborhood as ours. My Mom was engaged to a guy named Robert who was killed in the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 or 1945.

I have many fond memories of visiting with them and my cousins! Thomas O'Brien, a widower and decorated FDNY firefighter, lived at 102-16 85th Rd with his six children. Headlock with 5 Intern Dentists, no waiting, and the slow speed drill, and I do not recall Novocain being used. Two people replied to me and one (I think) was in my class at Holy Child. There was also a great bakery just the other side of Woodhnave Blvd. No great German bakeries here in CA and no terrific bagels either! Just saw Richie Massey's posting from last month and it sent me back forty/fifty years ago to the unforgettable Mickey's Jerome Tavern. My great grandparents lived in the Glendale neighborhood of Queens. Reading past comments and for you that remember Gebhard's Bakery on Jamaica Avenue and 111th Street, I've stumbled upon a place that claims to make both the famous Gebhard's Crumbcake and Butter Ring Cake from Richmond Hill. He acted with her in some of the plays, probably in 1943 or 1944.

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Costigan, Bill Welcht, the guy who took the dues, Al. I am a little disappointed more of my childhood friends haven't found this site. that closed during WW II after a farewell party for the owner's son who was going off to serve. I was trying to learn more about the Lefferts Family after visiting their historic house museum in Brooklyn. Loving father of Christopher, daughter-in-law Janine, Lori, and Gary. Thank you, Eric Mooney My grandparents brought me here many years ago to visit the area back in the 1980s. My family lived in Richmond Hill near Jamaica Hospital and Van Wyck Expressway area. Thank you You can take the kid out of Richmond Hill, but... Been gone almost 40 years but to this day, my best of times occurred in Richmond Hill.

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