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Well, probably that they’re all fruits, that most of them have stems, and that they pretty much all have seeds. Aside from the obvious answer (they taste like apples), it’s difficult to really describe what each apple is like.

When we have to think about large numbers of objects and then describe these objects, we usually do so by grouping them.

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She’d been racially profiled.“I believe in tolerance, acceptance and trying–as hard as it sometimes may be–not to judge a person by the color of their skin or the way they dress,” she stated in a blog post.

“I admit to have fallen to the traps of convention and have made judgments about people that are unfounded.

They’re operating under the (erroneous) assumption that natives of the United States don’t have brown skin, black hair or names that aren’t English in origin.

Bayoumi acknowledges that the people suspicious of him typically don’t “have any real malice in mind.” Still, they allow prejudice to guide them.

Likely because of his skin color, English professor and writer Moustafa Bayoumi says that strangers often ask him, “Where are you from?

” When he answers that he was born in Switzerland, grew up in Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, he raises eyebrows. Because the people doing the questioning have a preconceived idea about what Westerners generally and Americans particularly look like.

Had school officials decided that the Gainesville students couldn’t learn because of their ethnic origin or socioeconomic status, institutional racism would have been the likely result.

Administrators and teachers would not have worked to give the student body the best education possible, and Gainesville could’ve become yet another failing school.

One of the most common ways of grouping people in this manner is by race.

In the last issue of The Tartan, staffwriter Brandon Schmuck wrote about the racism — or lack thereof — in sexual and romantic racial preferences.

While Bayoumi, a successful author, has taken the questions about his identity in stride, others deeply resent being told that their ancestral origins make them less American than others. public viewed Americans of Japanese descent suspiciously.

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