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• Economics, capital considerations, mark-to-market and capital management • Measuring & mitigating institutional credit, repurchase, interruption and counterparty risk • Minimizing unhedged-able spread risk • Valuing agency/GN MSRs • Integrating credit and rate risk • How much capital do non-banks need to finance MSRs? whole loans • Clean-up call risk • What needs to be included? • Turning data into information: How should this information be presented? • Challenges for Non-agency securities and TBAs • Model adjustments… • Longer-term risk valuation • Risk management & pipeline hedging: Examining both agreed to but not closed loans and closed but not sold loans • Identifying risks and remediation • Risk controls…• A comparison of OTC and exchange-traded hedging instruments • Evaluating, measuring & managing credit risk • Which loan-level analytics do you examine? fixed products • Applications to change duration • Cash flow control • Hedge ratios & costs of hedging • Non-hedging risk mitigation strategies… • Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) requirements update • Client reporting • What kind of valuation shifts do you immediately report to senior management? • How does senior management react to hedging losses? What are some of the latest ones you’ve been working on?The Portfolio X-Ray feature provides in-depth analysis of users' portfolios with respect to sector diversity, geographic distribution and financial instruments.

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• How are you thinking about prepayments as interest rates rise? • Key risk indicators you look at • Enterprise risk modeling best practices • Hedge ratios • Impact of hedging cost • Evaluating the strategic objective and duration of the portfolio • Cusip vs. • Looking at credit crunches • What can/can’t be effectively hedged?

• Historically looking at convexity and basis risk • What is your thinking on inaccurate appraisals? non-cusip approaches • What do the regulators look for? • Assessing tail risk in a consistent way • Where are credit risk standards going in this economy?

• Servicing transfers • The latest technology initiatives • Third party management risk • The technology side- Access management, data protection, Cyber • Post closing audits -party loan risk management • Borrower vetting best practices • Managing fraud risk • What should and investors look at on the underwriting side?

• Impact of student loan and other debt • Underwriting algorithms and technology do you use to assist the evaluation process?

Quicken is an on-premise personal finance management tool that allows users to manage their financial accounts and investments in one place.

The platform is available only for Windows and Mac users.

• Risks/rewards • Rising rate risk-How are you preparing? • FASB re-deliberations on its 2016 proposed Accounting Standards • Update -Targeted Improvements to Accounting for Hedging Activities • New compliance initiatives from the regulators side • New developments from the states • Litigation-The latest developments and preventative measures you need to take • The capital side • HOA Issues • Market update on trade volumes, spreads and pricing • The latest policy developments • Comparing GSE programs • Getting market exposure • Loan-level analytics, valuation and models- Loan quality, prepayment and performance • Legal/compliance • Cost and fees • FHLB sharing of credit risk • Buyback risk • Non-GSE CRT • Risk-adjusted return measurement • Liquidity and spread risk • Examining the 2008 crisis and ‘90s Treasury liquidity trap • Term structure volatility • Valuation issues • Cost of buying protection • What do you see as the next cause of volatility in the mortgage market?

• Concentration risk • Earnings volatility • What are the black swans you are thinking about? • What is the government and regulators telling you they are concerned with? • MSR volatility • What happens when convexity gets out of whack?

Quicken's investment tool allows users to look up security symbols within the system and enables the automatic download of option prices and history.

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