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“The low number has to do with the fact that the older adults online don’t present themselves as having high cognitive and physical capacity in their profiles.

That’s just not something they highlight and that could be due to the fact that by actually doing an online post, you’re conveying that kind of information in a very subtle way,” Dr. “People just don’t present themselves in that way, so their overall successful aging according to Rowe and Kahn is overall very low.” However, the researchers found that almost 80 per cent of the online profiles met the criteria of being engaged with, and active in, life.

“I think many people think of older adults as asexual and technophobic,” he says.

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Freshmen were paired with adults in rotating, 10-minute shifts to learn about different careers and practice maintaining a conversation and eye contact.“Fourteen-year-old kids, by and large, are often uncomfortable talking to adults," Cristo Rey Columbus President Jim Foley said.

"But talking to adults is essential if you are going to be successful in a professional work environment.”Students at Cristo Rey find themselves in that environment very quickly.

Cristo Rey Columbus, a college-preparatory, Catholic high school that opened five years ago Downtown, welcomed 110 freshmen seven days ago with a weeklong course in soft skills and professionalism.

The course culminated for the freshmen on Tuesday when they sat down with local business executives and community leaders during a series of "speed-chatting" sessions, similar to the rapid-fire exposure of speed dating.During the survey it was found that 17 percent of adults aged 25 to 34 years had used online dating sites.Fourteen-year-old Diana Garcia wasn't born with the gift of gab, at least when it comes to chatting with adults."I remember being in their shoes, being scared and all those feelings when talking to an adult.I want them to be able to adjust and to learn."Nehemiah Clayton, 14, wasn't intimidated by the adults, he said after the exercise. Every person is different, and you can't necessarily go to your go-to conversations every time."Nehemiah wants to be a defense attorney, he said.It really puts the task of successful aging all on the individual.” The study looked at how older adults presented themselves in their online dating profiles to see if their self-presentation reflected Rowe and Kahn’s criteria of successful aging.

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