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And we're moving in a forward direction trying to make it easier for mothers.

I heard your comments this morning about non-custodial fathers.

I was interested to hear that there are fathers out there in the same boat as me.

But what they suggest is that the domestic violence tail should wag the Family Court dog.

Domestic violence is not the norm in family breakdown.

These children and their fathers never experience typical family life together - being kissed goodnight, waking up together, starting the day over breakfast, being more than a "visitor" in each other's lives. Given the chance, most fathers are eager to embrace that because, like mothers, fathers have the same need to be with and near their child.

These are the distressing findings of Bruce Smyth and Anna Ferro, from the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Imagine if 1 million Australian children lived apart from their mothers, and study after study showed that these children were generally worse off than those who enjoyed meaningful relationships with both parents.Basing policy on the worst-case family severs relationships for tens of thousands of children for no good reason.Has the fatherless child become the inevitable consequence of the new order of no-fault, drive-through divorce?I look at the black and white photograph on the fridge and wonder why the falling in love with baby that is so central to most women's being, and the obvious value of that love, is so easily dismissed in the case of fathers. I didn't notice how much love was in that photo"; "2";"sup";"Alan Jones Replies:";"The Today Show/Alan Jones Breakfast Show 2GB";"2003-05-05";"Alan Jones";;"Look, I normally answer all my correspondence personally.For all the progress, in other ways society has changed inexorably for the worse. You won’t believe this, but in light of the editorial I did on Channel Nine, which I repeated on Radio 2GB, I have been inundated with letters on this issue. You want a fairer system where Dads are included in their children’s lives.Not because they are bad fathers, but just because the pain is too great." Another said to me "I’m a female and I agree that the laws need to be changed in all regards to family law.

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