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By October, Eichenwald had composed three stories, dealing mainly with the financial aspects of the child-porn Webcam industry.

His first article, for instance, concerned children publishing porn on Websites for money.

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If you won’t go to jail if you are caught, then prepare to download some lethal virus or be ready to surrender your identity to online fraudsters who will then go ahead and mess up with you as they wish.Several weeks of arguments followed, “with the editors of the Times insisting we were not going to disclose what I had done, and me insisting that I had to, and then finally it was resolved when I said I could not see publishing the story without this information.A compromise was reached: The sidebar would not run in the newspaper, but it would run on online.” Without Eichenwald’s insistence, he said, even that online note would not haverun."Ryan webcam porn video was born and raised in Regina , Saskatchewan. His hair with his command that both you push our relationship.It’s not only disgusting, but it also prematurely ages you.“There was extensive and very acrimonious discussion about whether that should be in the article,” he responded on the stand.

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