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In this case, I'd have rather seen two minutes of experimentation to see if it was happening before what is widely perceived (regardless of the intent) as the party line of "It's probably the users fault."I think you're mischaracterizing what engineer_comp_geek posted.

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Again, I did not deliberately click on this - so it either launched itself, or it could have been a fat finger problem when I was scrolling. ' I think you're mischaracterizing what engineer_comp_geek posted.

I'm not actually concerned for my own sake, as I'm a grownup and in any case, seldom see the ads anyway, but just feel these are out of keeping with the intent of the board, especially, as I say, in view of the two-click rule that applies to posts. He seemed(to me) to be offering suggestions as to the possibilities.

I don't mean this as an attack on him in any way - just my view on why some might feel he was quick on the trigger on his response this time.

Based on past history, I'd say it's way more likely that we have bad ads on SDMB than an infected DNS server. Heck, we've been flagged by Google as serving malware in the past.

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" I'd also note that even if it were true that these ads were showing up because of thread content, they seem likely to violate the two click rule.

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