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This, despite Poker Stars controlling nearly 44 percent of cash game liquidity as of mid-March.Fast forward to June and cash game liquidity is in an even more undesirable spot, down 17.2 percent from this time last year, and hovering just above its historic low point.Unfortunately, the series was marred by mass overlays and cancellations.

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With cash game averages on Party/Borgata hovering around just 70 during the seasonal uptick, and 65 currently, one has to wonder how long it’ll be before the bottom falls out.

However, there is now a play MGM online poker room that could attract some players.

Then there’s upstart Pala Poker, which recently launched in an already saturated and struggling market.

Pala’s numbers have been less than awe-inspiring so far, but in its defense, the site is still in beta, and it did launch during the seasonal swoon.

In May 2017, online poker revenue was down 17.5 percent from the year prior.

Similar story for cash game liquidity, which was up just 10.9 percent from the day Poker Stars unofficially launched (March 16, 2016) to the same day in 2017.

While sites certainly have points in the day where they are more or less busy, and while a certain promotion or tournament may cause traffic at a particular room to spike temporarily, it’s best to look at rolling averages to understand which poker rooms are most consistently busy.

At most recent check (August 2017) the 7-day average was 245 simultaneous players and trending neutral.

They are on their own proprietary poker software built in-house.

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