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“Jokes I made to co-workers in 2012” is not a category I store prominently in my memory palace, though I love those co-workers and assure you that most of my jokes were much better.

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But there’s a bible’s worth of casual (or joking) shit-talking I’ve done in Gawker’s chat archives, some of which would make me very uncomfortable (if not unemployable) if it got out — a wealth of gossip and prattle I should have just conducted in Lawyers are well aware of this: If you email one, he or she will often respond with a request to get on the phone.

If you work at a business that’s at regular risk of lawsuits, you will tend to hear from your lawyers fairly regularly that conversations about sensitive subjects should be had over the phone or, even better, in person.

Gawker Media, the company where I used to work, is being sued by the wrestler Terry Bollea (better known as Hulk Hogan) over a 2012 story in which Gawker published a short excerpt from a video showing Bollea having sex with Heather Clem, the wife of Bollea’s friend Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

(If it isn’t obvious, the trial is taking place in Florida.) I worked at Gawker in 2012, but wasn’t involved in creating the story, so I’m not named in the lawsuit, nor was I deposed as a witness.Also combine this with the cold hard fact that 30% of women have never experienced a female orgasm before.After all, Having a short penis means you can't reach deep inside of her.But when you’re creating an enormous searchable database of your workplace conversations, “fairly good” may not be hugely reassuring.You may not even need to be the specific target: All of your Slack data is stored on Slack’s servers, as well as your employer’s.It wasn’t, necessarily, the strangest experience — except that it was occurring in a taped deposition that was being played in court, in the midst of a lawsuit that was being livestreamed on the internet to viewers across the world.

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