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Jeff Tanton: We've got a few Japanese speakers in the studio, so like most people, we were aware that a Japanese pigeon dating sim existed - which obviously piqued our curiosity.

But it was a guy called Ed Fear who worked with us initially, who played the Japanese version and came back to us and said, "This game is actually fantastic.

That's why we decided to rebuild the game in HD and try to bring it to a wider audience.

JT: The bit where most people really start to click that there's something a bit different going on is, about a third of the way through the game, the main character goes for a run, and flashes past these fairly pastoral scenes.

There's a dojo and a beautiful meadow, then it flashes through these city streets.

" JT: I think that's the absolute appeal of the game, though.

Once we started remaking it, we downloaded every version we could get hold of and started playing it, and it bluffs you.

Before you know it, began life as a joke; a homemade Flash game released on April Fool's Day in 2011, and intended to parody the dating sim genre that is so popular in Japan.

Spurred on by the enthusiastic response from players, manga artist and writer Moa Hato took her initial concept and fleshed it out as a much longer visual novel, creating the game using Famous Writer and a mixture of her own drawings, public domain photographs and stock music.

" about 10 minutes in, and then they just roll with it.

It's heartening to see people give themselves up to this story, and seeing where takes them. For anyone who's even slightly open-minded, the quality of the writing, just the naivety and the joyfulness of the main character, carries you along.

It has you so emotionally invested in these photos of birds, essentially. Moa has said that she originally made it as a parody of the dating sim genre, and when it started getting a bit more popularity, it spun off into its own story about this world full of birds.

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